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Sketch Me

Use a single SketchBot or configure a full fleet of bots to draw simultaneously for larger audiences. The SketchBot manager will queue each photo automatically and once a SketchBot becomes available, it will get started on the net sketch for maximum output.


Technology and Ai can be amazingly cool, but if the guest is waiting around for too long, that fun factor can fade pretty quickly. We’ve ensured each sketch to complete in 60 seconds or less (at least 2x faster than any other solution). Whether it’s a huge event or a small gathering, this high energy, high tech experience is sure to maximize throughput.


Push your takeaways to the next level with custom branding or a unique logo. Whether pre-printed on the paper or drawn by the SketchBots live at the event, make your mark in the most exciting way possible.


Looking for a way to add some color to your sketches? Our color pens are the perfect solution! With a wide range of colors to choose, you can bring your drawings to life and explore endless possibilities. Try them out today and see the difference for yourself!

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